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Maidan Community Sector, Lviv Information Digest

May 02, 2014

May 2 – An armed confrontation started between Ukrainian security forces and separatists in Sloviansk, which is the locus of Russian terrorists. Using the anti- missile system, terrorists have brought down one Ukrainian helicopter Mi -24 and damaged two morethese actions were obviously implemented bypeaceful residents of peaceful Ukrainian town” . The area, where separatists are located became almost completely controlled by Ukrainian military at the end of the day. Russian terrorists are breaking through to the Russian border. Pro-Russian “criminal elementswho are being paid toperformare not ready to take the risk, confront Ukrainian law enforcement officers and stand up for theMoscow’s grand ideas”. Well-trained and equipped professional sabotage groups and notpeaceful protestersare fighting against Ukrainian servicemen in Donetsk region.


May 2 – When escaping Sloviansk, the leader of Russian terroristsStrielokhanded over the authority to the coordinator of the separatists, a Russian saboteurAbver”, located in Horlivka. “Abverrefused to take on new responsibilities.


May 2 – Terrorists have attempted to seize a passenger train “Moscow-Mariupol” during its stop at Sloviansk station. Terrorist’s plan was disrupted by Ukrainian anti-terror units.


May 2 – Mike Giglio, American journalist from BuzzFeed and Olena Glazunova, his interpreter went missing in Sloviansk, Donetsk oblast. Sky News and CBS filming crew also disappeared in Donetsk region.


May 2 – NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow now says that the allied group has been compelled to treat Russiaas more of an enemy than a partner”.


May 2 – Starting May 1st, 2014 Ukraine will begin importing natural gas through Hungary.


May 2 – Pro-Ukrainian rally was attacked by Russian terrorists in Odesa. Approximately 30 people died after street fights and fire at the House of Trade Unions, where Russian terrorists hid after a counterattack by pro-Ukrainian protesters. Attack by Russian terrorists is a provocation by Russia’s Federal Security Service, said the Head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine Serhiy Pashynskyi.


By annexing Crimea, Russia has carried out an act of aggression against Ukraine. Currently Russia is transferring terrorist and sabotage groups to Eastern Ukraine. Russia aims to prevent legitimate presidential elections from happening. Everyday life in Eastern Ukraine has turned into a continuous nightmare in the middle of Europe. Our country is being destroyed right before our eyes. We therefore take the courage to inform you about current events in Ukraine. This is just another point of view. We will do our best to remain objective.