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Maidan Community Sector, Lviv Information Digest

March 21, 2014

Dear friends!

Russia has carried out an act of aggression towards Ukraine. Russian troops have entered Crimea. Thus we take it upon ourselves to inform you about the events in Ukraine. We will provide you with yet another viewpoint regarding this conflict. We will do our best to remain fair and objective.


March 21 – Barack Obama has stated that he signed the order on additional US sanctions concerning key sectors of Russia’s economy. Russian stock market opened with a sharp fall.

March 21 – As a result of victimization by new authorities in Crimea, 32 Crimean Tatars (18 children) asked for political asylum in Poland.

March 21 – In Brussels heads of states and governments representing 28 EU member-countries together with EU leaders have signed political charters to EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in presence of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukrainian Prime-Minister.

March 21 – Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that the issue of signing EU-Ukraine Association Agreement should have been raised after presidential elections. Lavrov is not thrilled that the EU and Ukraine have signed the Association Agreement

March 21 – Presidium of the self-proclaimed State Council of Crimea has prohibited almost 200 Ukrainian politicians from entering the republic.

March 21 – 9 people who vanished during Russian invasion of Crimea are still missingamong them are journalists and political activists.

March 21 – Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense is planning an evacuation of families of Ukrainian servicemen from Crimea.

March 21 – Ukrainian military ships, which are trapped in Donuzlav Bay have tried to force their way into the see. Their attempt was unsuccessful. Feodosia separate marine battalion started negotiations on transferring the troops and military machinery to mainland Ukraine. The negotiations failed. Battalion is preparing for an attack by Russian troops.

March 21 – Ukrainian servicemen must hold on to their positions in Crimea until political leadership exhausts all diplomatic and peaceful avenues to solve the conflict, said Deputy Defense Minister Leonid Polyakov. He also said: “Military presence at the border of our country can be used against us at any given moment”.

March 21 – Ukraine is in urgent need of reverse gas supply from Europe, said Ukraine’s Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.


P.S.: Please spread this appeal as much as possible.