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Maidan Community Sector, Lviv Information Digest

April 25, 2014

April 25 – A military helicopter ̳-8 has blown up after it was shot down by pro-Russian terrorist-sniper in the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast.

April 25 – Within a second phase of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in Sloviansk, the city will be blocked with troops but not attacked, stated both the Head of Presidential Administration Serhiy Pashynskyi and the Chief of Anti-Terrorist Center of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Krutov. Ukraine’s special law enforcements units have started to implement a second phase of the ATO – they havelockedSloviansk and thus the terrorists are unable to be reinforced with additional manpower.

April 25 – Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has become a threat to world peace by elevating Russia to the level ofsacred savior of confused West”, writes French newspaper Le Figaro. “He annexes Crimea with no shots fired, “nibblesat the rest of Ukraine, imposes his point of view in Geneva and becomes all-time popular with Russians who are applauding his achievements in a nationalistic craze thinking, maybe, that this is a continuation of the Olympic Games in Sochi”.

April 25 – The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, opens a preliminary examination of the crimes, committed during Yanykovych’s regime in Ukraine.

April 25 – Russia has refused to participate in another meeting of states-participants of Geneva Accord on stabilizing the situation in Ukraine, informed Foreign Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebiynis.

April 25 – Crimean Diocese of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate) has stated that Crimean authorities are trying to take away their churchesSimferopol and Crimea Archbishop Klymentiy.

April 25 – Terrorists have seized the bus carrying OECD representatives who are on a mission in Ukraine, informs press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!


Russia has carried out an act of aggression towards Ukraine. Russian troops have entered Crimea. Thus we take it upon ourselves to inform you about the events in Ukraine. We will provide you with yet another viewpoint regarding this conflict. We will do our best to remain fair and objective.


P.S.: Please spread this appeal as much as possible.