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Taras Voznyak
Preface to the Book by Bruno Schulz The Cinnamon Shops. The Sanatorium at the Sign of the Hourglass
(L’viv, Prosvita Publishers, 1995)
 (L’viv, 1995)

Taras Voznyak
Giovanni Battista Lampi and the glitter of absolutism
 (March 24, 2018)

Taras Voznyak
Giovanni Battista Piranesi-memories of the future
 (October 18, 2018)

On 26 April the offices of the long-established literary journal Vsesvit were raided  (27 04 2012)

Open Letter to the Leaders of Ukraine's Democratic Opposition Regarding the Inclusion of the "Svoboda" Party into the Committee Against Dictatorship  (6 04 2012)

Taras Voznyak Ukraine between the Tree: Empire Vanishing, Empire Thriving, and a Modern Experiment

Taras Voznyak: East European déjà vu

Mirror No461 2003

Iryna Magdysh State order for an anti-state politic (Ukr.)

Taras Voznyak: USA - the only real power (Ukr.)
Postup 25 February 2003

Iryna Magdysh No need to be afraid of Ukrainian roman alphabet (Ukr.)

Iryna Magdysh Provocation's market (Ukr.)

Taras Voznyak Ukraine should consider federalism

Halyna Pahutyak Knights of the "Ji" letter (Ukr.)
"Lvivska gazeta" february 6 2003

Autonomy or decentralization of power? (Ukr.)
Express, 23-30 january 2003

Taras Voznyak “Should the visa barrier be established, Ukraine will become a gray zone between Russia and Europe”
«The Day» ¹16 May 21 2002

Taras Voznyak Elections, electorate and elect (Ukr.)
Krytyka 4/2002

Long way of Ukraine to united Europe Interview with Taras Voznyak
"Postup" ¹40 (897) 21-27 March 2002

Seeking understanding about graves of Polish soldiers on Lviv cemetery Interview with Taras Wozniak (Ukr.)Gazeta Wyborcza . 06.02.2002)

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